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A handbound edition prepared and shipped by the composer.


Each edition is made to order and signed.


● 6 Esquisses Premiere Cahier 

The Clench of Sunlight to Jacob Wilkinson 1’20”

A Sonorous Body to Sarah Bushkirk 40”

A Place Outside of Air to Yotam Haber 1’45”

Harmonic Voices to Timothy Krippner 1’

T.V. Detective 1’

“Spanish moss knotted over tree limbs...” to Nicole Cooley 2’


●  6 Esquisses 2éme Cahier 

Tiller Rounds after Mr. Rudolph Ganz 1’

Ostinato Tenuto to J.T. Hassell 2’

In Stride Not Time to Jeff Pagano 1’

Satsuma Blossom Waltz to Clinton Adams 1’30”

Summer’s Comin’ Anytime to Christopher Trapani 1’

Sung-Out-Song to Maya Miro Johnson 2’


●  6 Esquisses 3éme Cahier 

Sweet Potato Blossom Slowdrag to William Harris 1’

Consumption to Eli Zervigón 45”

Copper Clouds Dawn 1’

From Without to Jeff Pagan 1’

More Than Slow to Ms. Rachelen Lein 2’

NORCO Shell - 1988 to Stephen Gosling 1’20”


● 6 Esquisses 4éme Cahier (PNO)
Madrigal to Michael Hersch 1’

Dredge the Gulf Sand Floor to J.T. Hassell 40”

Rosselle Strut to Carla Kihlstedt 1’

Debussy’s Ghost to Dmitri Kourliandski 1’

Pink Life to Sarah Quintana 20”

Stained on Glass after Dad 1’


● 6 Esquisses 5éme Cahier 

Blue Figure Mary Keller Zervigón in Memoriam 1’

Epitaph in Rust Anthony Clawson in Memoriam 1’

The Mutterings after Mr. Leo Ornstein 1’

Carnival King to Puddin’ 1’

Ti Do’s Moonlight 1’

Mulberry Bloom to Chris Cobley 1’


● 6 Esquisses 6éme Cahier 

Remembrance Spell Kaija Saariaho in Memoriam 2’

“Like Children Seeking Love” to Peter Collins 2’

“Wraith Like and Like a Plume” 1’

Absolute Desire II 1’

Squall 1’20”

Hipsters be like 45”


● 6 Esquisses 7éme Cahier 

Bled-Out the Smell of Rain 50"

Intertia of the Red-Orange Moon 2'20"

Moon Beam Sun 30"

Steel Blood 

Doodle Bug Dig-Out 30"

Spinning Song 1'20"


Cahier D'Esquisses [piano]

  • Ships via UPS within a month of the order date. 

    No returns.

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